JIT Manufacturing (Just-In-Time)

JIT happens, and it’s happening at Loft + Manor. Just-In-Time manufacturing is a lean approach where client demand dictates production volume, resulting in the right amount of product at the right time while eliminating overproduction and storage waste. Through JIT manufacturing we produce in bit rather than batch, so we can manufacture smaller quantities with shorter lead times and minimal waste.

Yield and waste come in many different forms; material waste from ordering too much, to labor waste from unnecessary or extra steps in producing a piece of furniture. Preplanning and ongoing process evaluations result in streamlined efficiencies and speed for both one-piece-flow as well as large scale orders.

JIT Process:
1. Purchase Order is received
2. Materials are ordered.
3. Production date is scheduled based on material arrival.
4. Materials are pulled for production and cut the same day.
5. Fabric assembly for sewing and frame assembly are done simultaneously.
6. Frame and fabric kit move to upholstery department for completion.
7. Logistics and shipping are scheduled one week from completion.
8. Product goes through Quality Control, where every piece is inspected and photographed.
9. All product is tagged with project sidemark, COM identification, and intended location.
10. Product is wrapped, cartoned and/or palletized, and prepared for shipping.