It All Starts
with you.

Every chair, sofa, table and pillow is made to unique specs from each client. We'll collaborate with you to create custom pieces that complement your needs, vision, space and budget.

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Experienced in
Being Green.

Our Phoenix factory runs largely on solar energy. Meanwhile, FSC-certified manufacturing methods ensure the lumber in our products comes from sustainable sources, allowing us to trace every piece of wood back to its original source.

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Generations of
Quality and pride.

Every piece is handmade in a factory where people have been working and building furnishings for decades, part of a long lineage of pride in craftsmanship.

just in time.

Our manufacturing process minimizes wasted time and materials. We don't pull from piles of fabric or have inventory sitting around. The wood used today was cut yesterday. The upholstery you want is ordered just for you. This process allows us to tie each piece back to the makers who worked on it and ensures your furniture is made on time, complete and perfect.

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