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We're committed to integrating eco-friendly practices throughout our process, from design to manufacturing to the final product. We use sustainable materials whenever possible and solar energy to produce our pieces.

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Our certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures our lumber comes from responsibly managed forests. We can trace every piece of wood back to the exact tree it came from, and our manufacturing processes are closely monitored to verify our supplies never co-mingle with non-sustainable materials.



To minimize waste and maximize efficiency, we make every piece to order—that means no unnecessary materials or inventory. Based in Phoenix, we also take advantage of Arizona's most abundant resource: sunshine. Approximately 80% of our factory's power is generated from solar panels. These strict standards extend to other processes and materials:

  • Local manufacturing that has like-minded environmental goals
  • No water is used in the production process
  • Glues are water-based, low-toxicity and low-VOC (0.2%/wt)
  • Metal components are made of 70% recycled materials
  • Recycling procedures in place for foam, textiles and wood
  • Employees are paid a fair living wage, and safety precautions are upheld

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